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SCAFFEYE is available in various versions, as a smartphone app and in a desktop variant. SCAFFEYE is perfectly tailored to the specific needs of the various users and provides scaffolding contractors, users, safety coordinators, planners and architects with needs-based tools and functions.

Example of prices

SCAFFEYE used in a sample company (scaffolding contractor) with 11 employees:

Unit price
Total price
2 x Full access (Secretary, construction supervisor)
23,95 €
47,90 €
3 x Authorised person
14,95 €
44,84 €
6 x Supervisor / assistant
5,95 €
35,70 €
Total cost for 11 employees per month, plus VAT
128,44 €

With SCAFFEYE, you can save time and money on typical administrative tasks in the office and on site

Sample calculation for daily data recording using traditional methods: paper, scanning, printing, e-mail correspondence, telephone calls, etc. with an hourly rate of €25:

Time saving
Cost savings
per day
1,25 hrs. x 25 €
31,25 €
5 days
6,25 hrs. x 25 €
156,25 €
1 month
25 hrs. x 25 €
625,00 €
Cost savings
625,00 €
Cost SCAFFEYE sample company
- 128,44 €
Monthly savings with SCAFFEYE plus VAT
496,56 €

Thanks to SCAFFEYE, the sample company saves €496.56 per month

In addition, the sample company now has 25 hours more time for other activities.

Resources can be used better.

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